Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nail 'em!

Still laughing about the quintessential Julia Child moment I caught on Sunday. Black-and-white French Chef, so one of the very old ones. Julia is attempting to teach us to make an authentic bouillabaisse:

"Now, take the eel, nail its head to the table and skin it."

Just wonder how many cooks on my little Mid-Century street complied!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye to an old friend.

One of my beloved Howard Holt tomato cups committed suicide today. Literally, jumped off the shelf where it was safely tucked away with its 7 mates and tomato soup tureen. We'll miss you, pal. Gone at 47-years-old. Oh! The times we've had together.

The Amish and Burritos

I bought The Amish Cook at Home cookbook a few months ago and just had the opportunity to sit and read it this morning. I grew up in Pennsylvania and often miss the food from home, including delicious recipes from Amish kitchens. The surprising ingredients included:

Miracle Whip? Hot dogs? Burritos? Bacon-wrapped jalapenos? Cans of cream of mushroom soup? Velveeta?

This is the silliest excuse for a collection of Amish recipes. I get that the authors, both Amish culture experts, may want to lug this style of cooking into the modern, pre-packaged, multi-cultural food bazaar. Since that's their choice, MARKET it that way. Note to authors and publishing company: Nobody needs another recipe for chicken baked in cream of mushroom soup. Ever. Again.

If you'd like this cookbook I'm giving it away to the first one to ask!